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A Full Day, but always chill, where you’ll have the opportunity to know the history of Terceira and Azores in an interesting and fun way

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Are you in a rush? Your flight will arrive later or depart early?
No problem! We’ll still manage a way to do something interesting. The Island has things to do that would take for days, but it only needs a few hours to fall in love for this enchanted place At the departure you’ll make a promise to come back with more time!

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If there´s something that we keep forever in our minds, are the memories of food! The dish that our grandmother or the special touch that only someone did it so well!



It’ll be the least that you’ll do after explore a lava tube, feel the smell of the sulfur springs from an active magmatic chamber and at the end get in literally inside a volcano After that experience you'll realize why it is a world natural Monument! In Azores is where the Geology its not just studied, but where you feel it and get amazed by it

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We left the stress and problems in the airport! Now it´s time to enjoy and relax.

There´s no better place than by the shore with the Atlantic, the sound of the waves and warmed by the heat of our vulcanic rocks.

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